Village PeopleIt’s true: it’s just so much more enjoyable playing an online slot that not only offers the potential of winning armful of cash, but also manages to take the player on a trip down memory lane. Studies have shown that the players who enjoy online slots the most, are those who have been around since the classic fruit machines of yester-year. These players have seen the entire industry grow and evolve before their very eyes, and in many ways, they feel a connection with the evolution of the games.

It’s also those same players who were around when the iconic 1970’s disco group, the Village People, were just about the hottest thing on the dance floor. Which is why the fact that Microgaming has signed a deal with ITV Studios Global Entertainment, authorising the developers to create a Village People-themed slot, is bound to really rock their boats!

Microgaming The First Choice

ITV Studios Global Entertainment occupies offices in London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Los Angeles, and holds the television and media distribution rights to many prominent brands, including that of the Village People.

The company seemed well pleased to be extending the right to production of the online slot to Microgaming, with a spokesperson pointing out in no uncertain terms that no one was more capable of doing the theme justice than the developer that launched the very first online casino site ever. 

A Tribute To Disco

According to those in the know, the new Village People slot will feature all of the group’s greatest hits, including Y.M.C.A, Macho Man, and Go West. These are the tracks that used to rock the discos back in the 70’s and 80’s, also affording the group the title of Kings of Disco.

The new title will join Microgaming’s existing portfolio of branded titles and will also feature the group’s iconic members. The Biker, Cowboy and the Construction Worker will all make a guest appearance on the reels.

Chief Operations Officer at Microgaming, Andrew Clucas, is of the opinion that the new Village People title will add a new dimension to the company’s existing range of branded games. Clucas said that Microgaming is proud of having been afforded the honour of being able to do the popular theme justice.