Find love in an alternative way onlineThe course of true love never did run smooth, and most of us will take all the help we can get. Personal ads and dating services are not new, but advances in technology mean they are more widespread now than they have ever been before.

And they can get a lot more specific too. You may have spent some time on OKcupid or Tinder, but this is not necessarily where you feel comfortable letting your freak flag fly. You may actually find yourself putting on a front, and the people you are matched with are probably doing the same. We’ve all seen the profiles of self-proclaimed “trail runners” who basically went for a walk in the forest that one time…

How can you avoid all this? By being as specific as possible. And there are several dating apps that will help you do that. Ensure that you never go on a date with someone who doesn’t like spicy food if that’s a deal breaker for you, by registering at Hot Sauce Passions.

Or find a soul mate that is similarly afflicted if you are gluten-intolerant, at Gluten Free Singles. Whether you have a very particular passion or you need to feel comfortable about certain health issues, as with everything else, there’s an app for that. Check out some of the niche soul mate markets below.


Happn members are all on a network and are tracked via Global Positioning Systems. If you cross paths with another community member, you’ll be notified. This might seem a little stalker-ish, but the app does observe strict safety protocols. And it does mean you’ll find people who hang out in the same places that you do.

Match up with your soul mateDarwin Dating

This one is strictly for the beautiful people – it says so on its home page. Only attractive people are allowed to join, and the site lists banned items such as “nerdy glasses” and “sweat patches”. You also get to rate other members on a scale from “Ass-like” to “Awesome”.

UglyScmucks and The Ugly Bug Ball

At the other end of the scale to Darwin Dating, these apps market themselves to those who society has branded as ugly. By matching with another unattractive person, the theory is that you’ll each understand what the other is going through. If you know you are, as they say at The Ugly Bug Ball, “aesthetically average” (or perhaps below that) but you’re not about to let that get in the way of living your best life, these applications are for you.

Hater Dater

Post the things you hate, and then get matched up with people who hate the same stuff. On a detailed list that includes karaoke, Donald Trump and Star Wars, you need to say whether you like, dislike, hate or love each item.

You’ll get to connect with people who are disillusioned and cynical about all the same things that you are! That said, it can be very useful to specify your preferences so exactly. How else are you going to find someone else who hates olives in Martinis, but loves playing at their local casino?

Can Do BetteFind your perfect matchr

A strong contender for the title of Worst Dating App Ever, at this site you post a picture of yourself with your current partner. Then community members vote at which one of you can do better and find someone more attractive. The winner is allowed to join. If your partner tries this with you, chances are they already believe that they could, in fact, do better.


Bonding over a shared gluten intolerance is one thing, but what if you suffer from a chronic STD? You still deserve love and happiness, but sharing that kind of information can be really difficult and uncomfortable. Sign up to this site as a way to avoid all of that – every member here has some kind of sexually transmitted disease. You’ll be able to find a match, without the risk of spreading the disease or being rejected when your significant other learns about your condition.

Meet an Inmate

Writing to bad boys and starting romances has a long history, and now you can do it online. Incarcerated guys and gals are listed on the site. When you find one that you like the look of, click on their picture and read their profile. Then, if you’re interested, you can write them an old-fashioned snail mail letter and post it. Just remember, the reason they don’t have a smartphone is because they may have done some very bad things…