Toe WrestlingThe average person will enjoy hours of fun watching sports like rugby, tennis or football. The more enlightened and informed person however, will know that such common sports are old hat. Nowadays, toe wrestling, camel racing, chess boxing, egg throwing and underwater hockey are where the real action is.

In fact, there is no end to the bizarre sports that can be found when you start looking. To give you a little insight into what else is on offer, we’ve rounded up some of the weirdest sports from around the world, and believe it or not, you can even bet on them!

Drone Racing

Ever since drones became popular a few years back they’ve been used for all sorts of things. Inevitably, someone came up with the idea of racing them in 2014, and hence we now have what is referred to as FPV drone racing. FPV stands for first person view in this case, and is the most fascinating part of the concept.

Constants race only via a live stream feed from the drone, viewed via a headset. Hence FPV. It can only be imagined that the racers run a high risk of nausea. Either way, this interesting concept is quickly gaining steam, with more and more contestants signing up. Could this be a future Olympic sport? We think so!

Wife Carrying

A mere man will tackle an obstacle course solo, but a real man will do so while carrying his wife over his shoulders. This is the apparent logic behind the Finnish sport of wife carrying. It’s a little known sport beyond Finnish borders, but has been a regular occurrence locally since 1992, and is still going strong.

Yes, it may sound like an odd sport, but make no mistake that it is an extremely gruelling and difficult challenge. Most contestants simply give up from sheer exhaustion long before the ‘Finnish’ line, with only the truly determined getting a chance at victory. And in case you’re wondering; no, the lady being carried cannot help in any way, except by hanging on for dear life and possibly dieting intensely in the lead up to the race to lighten the load.

Drone DancingPigeon Racing

If wife carrying sounds a bit demanding, pigeon racing is another wacky sport that might be more your speed. As the name implies, contestants grab their speediest pigeon and pit it against rival pigeons of similar athletic ability over distances of as much as 1000km or more.

This odd but fascinating sport dates back to a time when messenger pigeons were relied upon, before telephones were even a sparkle in Alexander Graham Bell’s eye. The fastest messenger pigeons were highly prized back in the old day, and the habit of racing them has clearly lasted. Plus, it’s become a very lucrative sport, with the Million Dollar Pigeon Race pitting 4,300 birds from 25 countries against one another for a prize pool of $1.3 million!

Cheese Rolling

Saving the most bizarre for last; cheese rolling. In this utterly crazy sport, contestants roll an enormous wheel of cheese down a hill, and chase after it. The first over the finish line at the bottom of the hill wins a wheel of cheese.

One major question hangs over this sport; why is the cheese necessary? It is near impossible for a contestant to catch their cheese, with the real challenge being the downhill scramble to the finish line. Either way, it’s apparently taken very seriously, despite the fact that it is deceptively dangerous.

It turns out that not only are contestants at risk of falling down the hill and breaking limbs, but that enormous wheels of cheese travelling at upwards of 70 miles an hour are capable of killing a person. Thankfully, fatalities have been few and far between, but it does make one aware of how cheese rolling can be as dangerous as something like Formula One. Now that’s food for thought.