GiG Releases First In-House SlotAll indications are that the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) Inc. is entering a brand-new era in terms of the group’s development and expansion. GiG recently launched a beta-version (trial version) of its very first in-house developed slot. Wild Reels is the first slot to have been released under the umbrella of the company’s new casino games division.

Initially, Wild Reels will only be available to internal operators. The expectation is that it will be released onto the global online and mobile gaming scene once the trial period has lapsed and any possible kinks and hiccups have been ironed out.

The release of beta-versions of games is a popular way of testing the functionality and overall quality in the video gaming industry. This mode of rolling out is now being implemented by the casino gaming industry with increased frequency.

Growing Into Full-Service

The launch of Wild Reels happened simultaneously to GiG’s having received endorsement by the Malta Gaming Authority. The company has been focused on expansion and extending its footprint in the global iGaming industry. This has also been the driving force behind the establishment of an in-house development structure.

The GiG Games division has been in the process of being developed for the last year now, with the focus on the production of quality table games and slots. The aim is obviously to become a full-service gaming solutions provider and the establishment of a games development department is an important step towards achieving that particular goal.

Opening Up iGaming For All

But the group isn’t only inwards-looking when it comes to software development. Going forward, other developers will be granted the opportunity to release new and existing content via the GiG games platform, alongside the content created in-house. This will afford many opportunities for exposure, and it will also enable GiG to launch new titles on an on going and regular basis.

The company was established back in 2012, and ever since the very first days, management has held fast to the vision of growing the company into an institution that makes gaming fun and fair for everyone.

The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and has its headquarters in Malta.