Commonly spotted gamblersNo matter where in the world you visit a casino, whether it is in Macau, Monte Carlo, or the heart of the Sin City Strip, and you are bound to see a few familiar faces. Not the exact same people, but the same types of gamblers – or at least so we think.

To help you become better acquainted with them, we’ve presented you with this handy Field Guide to Commonly Spotted Gamblers.

The Slots Wiz

Males and females of the species are known for their significant prowess at plaSerious slots playersying slots online and in land based casinos.

A commonly seen move of theirs in land based casinos is to reach out and slam Autoplay buttons almost erratically, giving the effect that they are playing a bash-the-crocodile-with-a-hammer arcade game. After too many free drinks courtesy of the casino, Slots Wizzes tend to caress the machines while whispering sweet nothings into the coin slot. 

The Bingo-busting Granny

The serious Bingo grannyPurple-haired, armed with a dabber, and smelling strongly of lavender and moth balls, the Bingo-busting Granny is a familiar sight in the front row at Bingo halls. She’s known for being a serious player, and is always searching for that one big win, and the media fame that’s sure to follow.

This Commonly Spotted Gambler has a curious habit of talking about medical problems at the top of her voice in between Bingo games, but let anyone dare so much as breathe too loudly when the numbers are being called, and it all ends with a dabber needing to be surgically removed.

The Mysterious Asian BusinessmanThe mysterious Asian gambler

Is he from China, Japan, or Korea? We will probably never find out, because he never seems to speak. The Mysterious Asian Businessman is usually found at Baccarat tables in dark corners of casinos, where he seems to communicate with dealers using a subtle sign-language.

His eyes usually hidden behind dark glasses as he puffs on a thin cigar and drinks cognac, this type of Commonly Spotted Gambler is known for having a bankroll that requires a hotel suite of its own.

The Spring Break Dude

The Spring Break DudesWhite shoes, a shirt with a bright, bold floral print, sunglasses, and a massive amount of hair gel are some of the basic identifying characteristics of the Spring Break Dude. Funded by rich parents, this type of Commonly Spotted Gambler plays neither to win nor for the fun of it.

Instead, the Spring Break Dude can be found at Slot Machines and at Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker tables where he places ridiculously big bets in the hope of impressing any female counterparts (identified by their cries of “Whoooo!”) at the table.