Scandi StyleFashion trends can be fleeting, and are often here-today and gone-tomorrow. Home décor trends on the other hand, have to be more carefully considered. Why? For the very obvious reason that wardrobes are a great deal easier to renovate than living spaces. So, although it can be a fun, invigorating experience reworking the living room, careful thought and consideration should be applied.

With that in mind, here are 5 of the latest home décor trends currently doing the rounds. The idea is, of course, to go with something that you know you’re still going to love in a few months, or better yet, a few years. Don’t forget to let your mind settle on a chosen style for a week or two before committing to it. After all, you don’t want to hit the jackpot at your favourite casino and have to use all your winnings on changing up a style that suited you briefly, but has become hard to live with!

Wonderful Woodland Retreat

With a strong focus on wood textures, this style is all about capturing the beauty of woodland autumn, and bringing it right into your living space. Plum, russet and damson are the colours of choice, all of which inspire a sense of sleepy comfort. Think of it is a creating a space for hibernation, where you can feel warm and comfortable.

Another key element is the theme of woodland creatures, with the most focus on the dashing, handsome hare. Plates with his sombre face are very common, as are statues placed strategically around the house. Consider complimenting his beautiful image with centrepieces that feature dried flowers. Pay special attention also to rustic country linens and hewn wood and create a comfy country-style space to relax in.

Going Global NomadGlobal Nomad Living

The idea of the Global Nomad trend is to take your home on a journey across multiple trends, each inspired by a different culture. It sounds like it might be a cluttered mess, but offers a beautiful, thought-provoking experience if done correctly. A key element is a focus on handcrafted items, such as tasselled cushions and earthy pottery, invoking a sense of globetrotting adventure. Colours of choice are spiced red, deep blue, ochre and umber, and the overall feeling is a bit bohemian.

Live It Up with the Luxe Revival

The very word luxe invokes mental images of rounded shapes, velvety surfaces, and a hint of decadence. Add to the mix some brass, copper and marble and you’re on the right track. It’s a mixture of posh sensations that went out of style some years ago, but has been making a comeback in a big way. Choose your lighting carefully; keeping it soft, and what you have is a delightful cocktail party hotspot. Colours to work with are burnished gold, ochre, and dusty rose.

Rustic Country inspired livingMake it Modern

The modern maker trend is perhaps leaning a bit towards the opposite of luxe, embracing a sense of imperfect beauty that is as inviting as it is homey. The focus is on natural wood, weaved textures and wicker. The combination all but gently soothes guests into sitting back, relaxing and sinking into the welcoming vibe that oozes from every aspect of the décor. Colours you’ll want to lean towards are pale greys, oxidised red, charcoal black, and oatmeal neutrals.

Newly Nordic

Lastly we have new Nordic, which is where the more adventurous décor enthusiasts might look. The concept is directly influenced by the so-called Scandinavian way of life, both relaxed and somehow strikingly modern at the same time. Creating the “Scandi” look requires a focus on a mixture of light and dark harmonising colours, while complimenting the blend with rounded shapes, and inviting decorative pieces. Key materials are bleached wood, earthenware and buff leather. The all-important colours include canvas white; blush pink, sage, and lavender.