When it comes to mobile gaming, the options you’re faced with are either native apps or HTML 5. Thus far users seem to prefer native apps, or more specifically, designed apps that can be purchases for Android or iOS devices. What does however set HTML 5 apart from native apps or downloadable apps is the fact that it’s web based, can be used to build mobile apps and is a more cost-effective programming language to use. Luckily, as a player, you don’t really need to concern yourself with whether the mobile casino game you’d like to play is a native app or one that is HTML 5 compliant. Quite simply, this is because the majority of the mobile casinos that we endorse cater to HTML 5 users along with Android and iOS users. To further simplify the matter, imagine playing a flash casino game – this is what it’s like playing an HTML 5 mobile casino game.

Games designed for Android

Casino games for Android users do have a couple of advantages over the ones built in the programming language of HTML 5. For one, Android casino games are downloadable and if a game is downloadable, it means it’s bigger. If it’s bigger it’s likely got more going for it in terms of graphics, sounds, and interactive casino bonus features. One such example is the Game of Thrones Mobile Slots. This casino game was originally released as a desktop casino game but through popularity was converted into a mobile slots game. Because a game like Jurassic Park offers so much to players, HTML 5 could not be used, and thus the game was designed as a native app for Android users, requiring at least 20 megabytes. So in a nutshell, Android deals better with spec-heavy games, but this is slowly changing.

Why HTML 5 Mobile Gaming is on the Rise

The future does look bright for HTML 5. It’s the first standardized version of the programming language since 1997, it’s more cost effective and if a game is HTML 5 compliant, then anyone can play it. In other words, HTML 5 doesn’t abide by any sole operating system, it’s not more for Android or iOS, it’s for the web. Due to the fact that it caters to the web, any hand held device can handle an HTML 5 casino game and as the technology improves, more spec-heavy games are being built via this programming language. Take for instance a game like Football Star or Thunderstruck II Mobile Slots. Both of these slot titles are heavy on graphics, sounds and tier system bonus rounds, yet they can be played within the browser of your mobile phone.