The casinos that we recommend to you here offer you the best online slots for both video and classic types, as well as the best progressive jackpot slots. Progressive jackpots can be attached to either classic or video slots, and are triggered at random or when something happens in the game. Until that point, they progressively add a portion of every bet from every player to that jackpot. Since these big win online slots can be applied to classic and video slots, the real question is what the difference is between these two game types. And we are here to tell you!

Different Design Inspirations

Classic slots are based on the original machines that were first seen at the start of the 20th century. That means they feature only a few paylines and symbols on the reels, and usually don’t have any special features. The reel icons are also very simple and hark back to old machines; red 7s, cherries, bars and bells are all very common.

Video slots, on the other hand, are always centred on a specific theme, with all graphics and symbols relating to it. The central online slots idea could be anything, from blockbuster movie or series franchises to fairytales and mythology to different sports games, and literally everything in between. There are also many more paylines and special features, such as Free Spins and other Bonus Rounds, in video slots than in classic online slots games.

Different Volatility and Payback Rates

Slot volatility is also known as slot variance, and refers to how often a slot game pays out. High-volatility slots pay out less frequently than low-volatility slots do. On the flipside, however, a slot with high volatility will also have a bigger payback rate than a slot with low volatility; when it does pay out, it pays out more. Essentially, the higher the risk you take (by playing an online slots game with less chance of getting you a win), the bigger your reward will be if you strike it lucky. A major difference between classic and video slots is that classic slots tend to have higher volatility and payback rates than their video counterparts.

Which Type of Online Slots Game Should You Play?

We don’t recommend classic or video slots over each other; it all depends on what you want from your time online. If you don’t have more than a few moments to spare you might want to go for a video slot with lower variance so that you have a better chance of walking away with something, while if you have enough time to wait for a big payout you may choose a higher-variance classic slot.

The slower pace and simpler action of classic slots is also great when you want to ease up a little but keep playing, as well as when you’re new to online slots and you’re still learning how they work. When you’re in the mood for more immersive, breakneck entertainment, the best online slots to play would be video slots.

With so many online slots games available you’ll always be spoilt for choice, regardless of what style of play you are after. Classic and video slots both offer something special and different, and when you go online you can enjoy the best of both worlds!