Whether you’re a ‘once in a while’ casual mobile slots player or a dedicated ‘high-roller’ you will need to find a style of play that best suits your needs and your budget. Mobile slots strategies can vary from game to game and from player to player, with some players maxing out the pay lines and stakes every spin, while others take a more reserved approach. Take a look at some of the factors that will affect your mobile slots strategy listed below.

  • Pay Lines – are the number of lines of possible winning combinations that you can play in one turn. The number of pay lines that mobile slots games have varies dramatically from game to game, with classic fruit machine-style games having just one pay line while interactive mobile slots games could have up to a hundred or more pay lines to play. Be aware that each pay line that you play will cost you 1x your stake. For example, if you play 3 lines at 10p per line each spin will cost you 30p. The cost of a spin is one of the most important factors to a player’s mobile slots strategy.
  • Coins / Stakes – are the amounts that you bet on each pay line. Some mobile slots games have stakes starting from 1p per line while other games may go up to £10 per line. Once again, the amount that you wager weighs into your playing strategies.
  • Bonus Features – are mini games that can offer you bonus prizes or free spins. These bonuses range from simple free spin rounds to fully interactive skill games. Most leading mobile slots games will feature bonus features, as do most land-based slot machines.
  • Progressive Jackpots – Some of the more popular mobile slots games around are progressive jackpot games. These slots games are networked so the jackpot is being topped up and played for by thousands of players across the world, allowing them to offer you the chance to win huge cash prizes that can climb into the millions. As far as mobile slots strategies go playing for progressive jackpots comes pretty high on the popularity scales. You will find popular progressive jackpot titles such as Cleopatra and Megan Moolah at many of the internet’s leading mobile casinos and mobile slots sites. It’s worth noting that certain progressive jackpot mobile slots require you to play the maximum number of pay lines in order to qualify for the jackpot.
  • Mobile Slots Tournaments – are a great way to compete against other players as well as competing against the game. This offers you two chances to win while you spin from your mobile phone. Most mobile slots tournaments will charge you a small entrance fee then you have a certain amount of time or number of spins to win as much as possible, with the highest scoring player scooping both their winnings and the tournament prize.
  • Budget – is the final and most important of all factors regarding mobile slots strategies. You should always be mindful of your spending when chasing jackpots and bonuses, never spending more than you can afford to lose.

So before you start spinning the reels of your favourite mobile slots games think about the strategies that you may employ and just how exactly you’re going to play. Most importantly, set your targets, and your lower limits. When you have hit a target, get out immediately, don't put it all back in. Set yourself a daily/weekly budget, and be realistic about it - when you have hit it, again stop playing immediately.