When it comes to casino games, most people spend their time playing table games or slots. The best online slots will draw you in and keep you entertained for hours while still giving you the opportunity to win big. On the other hand, table games require a bit of skill and concentration in order to beat the dealer. The two types of games couldn’t be more different. But which give you the biggest win?

The Advantages of Table Games

Let’s start off by looking at online casino table games. The best online table games include games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and some forms of poker. While there is an element of pure randomness to each game, a lot of table games require skill and some form type of strategy in order to remain in the green. There are a number of advantages to playing table games including keeping your bankroll stable.

Consistent Wins with Smaller Payouts

If you have a good strategy in place, then table slot online games can pay small amounts quite regularly. This is especially true for Blackjack, which has possibly the lowest house edge of any casino game. While you might not be pulling in huge payouts, you can get to a point where a kind of consistency is reached. Of the more popular table games, Roulette offers the highest payout with a single number bet at 36:1. This is also the riskiest bet in the game, which could result in more losses than wins.

The Advantages of Slots

Compared to table games, slots require less skill and more time at the machine to pull out a win. Safe online slot games give players equal measures of high quality entertainment and a trickle of win. If you have ever played slots online, you will know that slots do not pay out consistently. In most cases, you can go a while without any payout and then hit a just the right combination for a good payout.

With slots, players tend to overuse their bankroll, as they are less aware of how much is being wagered on each spin. With online table games, each bet has to be placed on each round, forcing players to understand the reality of exactly how much cash is moving out of their bankroll and onto the table. When it comes to payouts though, slots simply cannot be beaten.

Big Win Potential

Even the most basic slot games have a jackpot between 5000 and 20 000 coins. This is far more than you could ever win at even the best online casino table games. While the chances of landing the slot jackpot are low, the chance is always there. For anyone wanting the chance to land an even bigger payout, progressive slots are the way to go.

Progressive slots have the highest payout of any casino game anywhere on the Internet. Each time a wager is made on the game, the progressive jackpot goes up. Over time the main jackpot can reach such proportions that hitting the right combination can make you an instant millionaire. This is something that table games simply cannot offer.