A payline is a betting line for the online slots game you have elected to play, where a combo of symbols landing on a line can result in your winning a pre-set amount of money.

Back when slots games had just begun, they had only 1 payline, and if 3 symbols matched up you were a winner. Nowadays, however, the best online slots have a multiplicity of paylines available. You can have a look at the game’s paytable before you begin to play to figure out how many paylines you will be working with, and the big wins online slots can provide is largely thanks to the fact that these lines are often not just provided horizontally, but vertically and diagonally as well.

Fixed and Variable Paylines

The average nowadays for online slots is for the games to have between 25 and 50 paylines. Although some allow you to choose how many to make active, others have these fixed, and you will play them all in 1 go.

Knowing how to choose paylines is very important when it comes to playing the best online slots. Variable games allow you to choose a different number of these to activate each time you wish to spin the game’s reels, and this is a good way for beginners to start. Limit yourself to 5 paylines or less until you know what is going on, and then up the amount of paylines in play in order to secure the big win online slots can deliver.

Paylines are Simple to Understand

Paylines can be diagonal, zigzagged, straight or even run across the reels. Whatever the case may be, they will only pay out if you have a bet placed on the 1 on which the symbols you need to land have ended up.

Winning with Paylines

As far as placing bets on your online slots’ paylines is concerned, you will be more than able to set up your own strategy after you have managed to get some playing time in, and are more experienced.

The number of paylines that you have active every time you spin the reels of the best online slots will not only have a huge effect on your bankroll, but the winnings you can look forward to. Plus, they will probably influence the overall fun factor of the game too.

You will need to do some quick maths before each of your spins. If, for example, a slots game has 10 possible paylines and you want to place a 0.02 bet on each 1, then every time the reels spin it is going to cost you 0.2.

It is every slots player’s dilemma. If you bet on every payline available, then the big wins that online slots are able to afford lucky players are far more likely to occur. If, however, you decide to play less paylines than are available, if the game allows you to choose of course, you will be spending less of each of your spins.

Paylines are an important part of online slots play, and if you know how they work you can bet within your budget and maximise your winning potential.