Keno is a classic lottery-style game that has been around for many centuries. Thought to have originated in China around 200 BC, it grew steadily in popularity over the years to eventually become a staple addition at land-based and online casinos around the world.

This is a game with a fascinating history and many legends around it, and this is surely part of how it draws players in to give it a try! There is even a long-standing rumour that it was developed by the Chinese government at the time to help finance the construction of the Great Wall of China, and that citizens on outer-lying farms would have the results of their draws sent to them using messenger pigeons.

Today, online Keno is a far simpler pastime to enjoy, especially since there are so many great Canadian mobile casinos to play it at. It’s also exceptionally simple, which makes it a great choice for those who are just starting out with online gaming and need an easy but rewarding title to begin with.

Playing on Your Mobile

Your mobile Keno board will look very much like the traditional boards used by players for centuries. Usually boasting a range of cheerful themes and colourful graphics, these boards have 80 numbers each, ranging from 1-80.

Playing online Keno on your smartphone or tablet is as simple as making a wager, picking as many numbers as you want from the board (up to a maximum of 15), and waiting to see if you have been made a winner. The sleek, state of the art software of modern games does all the rest, including the draw and notifying you if you have won any cash for your efforts!

To be more specific, the software of your chosen title will randomly select 20 winning numbers using Random Number Generation technology. If any of these selected numbers match the ones that you chose before the draw, that is termed a ‘Hit’ and will reward you with a payout. Generally, you need at least a few matching numbers before you can claim a payout, but this does often vary according to the developer and the Canadian casino at which you are playing.

How to Win in Real Money Games

The amount you win in online Keno Canada depends on 2 things: the amount of numbers you selected that matched those selected in the draw, and also your initial wager.

If you picked a single number and got a hit, you will win a 3:1 payout on your bet. Choosing six numbers and having two of them hit will win 1:1, and a full 6 hits will pay out a whopping 75:1. Choosing a maximum of 15 numbers will of course cost you the highest possible wager, but if you manage to score ten hits, you will receive a win of 150:1 on your original wager.

Of course, the golden standard is getting all 15 numbers to hit, at which point you will take home an unbelievable 10,000:1 cash jackpot!

The Benefits of Playing on Mobile

By now, almost everyone knows about the numerous benefits of playing on your mobile. However, when it comes to this title specifically, there are actually a number of advantages that are totally unique to the game itself, making it even more beneficial to play online Keno Canada titles on tablet or smartphone.

Firstly, mobile games have much faster draws than anything you would find at a land-based joint, which theoretically allows you to wager and win more within the same space of time. It also eliminates tedious waiting periods – which, let’s face it, nobody enjoys. Mobile Keno bets are also far more flexible, allowing you to play at a stake that suits both your pocket and your level of skill.

Sign up at a top Canadian casino today and see if you can beat the house and take home that coveted 10,000:1 win!