Of all the lottery-style games on the market today, there is arguably no title more popular than online Bingo. This is a digital variation of a game format that has been around for many decades, thrilling players with its simple fun and its opportunities to win big just by picking a handful of lucky numbers on the board.

When online and mobile casinos first emerged, Bingo was one of the first titles to be transferred to the new digital gaming platforms. Since then, it is safe to say that it has come a long way! Nowadays, sites across Canada offer a myriad of thrilling variations, from classic 75- and 90-ball types to more exotic versions, and even fusions that combine it with Roulette, Poker or slots.

How to Get Started on Mobile

For those players who have already learned the ropes, online Bingo games are quite similar to their land-based counterparts. You will be presented with a virtual card that is filled with numbers depending on the variation you have chosen. All you need to do is place a wager, select your lucky digits or allow the sleek gaming software to do it for you, and wait to see if you have struck gold from your smartphone or tablet!

The two most common variations available online are 75-ball and 90-ball games, as mentioned above. Although they may differ greatly in terms of themes, graphics and audio effects, the gist of these variations is always the same, which makes this a title that is incredibly easy for beginners to learn and to enjoy as well.

In 75-ball or American games, your goal will be to fill in a specific pattern with your winning numbers on the 5x5 card. This can be a number, a shape, or even a letter, depending on the Canadian casino you have chosen and the developer who engineered the software. On the other hand, your goal in the 90-ball variant is simply to cover the entire card, and there are 3 different winning places that can be achieved. In comparison, there is only a single jackpot in 75-ball, so this jackpot tends to be larger in size.

The Most Social Mobile Game

A common complaint among today’s players is that online gaming just doesn’t have the same level of authenticity as land-based fun. This is largely because of a lack of chances to socialize – but luckily, online Bingo provides a great solution. Using intelligent built-in software chat features, Bingo enthusiasts across Canada and beyond can chat with each other before, during and after their sessions, allowing them to enjoy the same social capabilities that they have longed for since moving online.

Why You Should Play on The Go

Canadians are busy people, and most of us are always on the move. With that in mind, it isn’t always possible to sit down and enjoy an online gaming experience from your desktop or laptop. Mobile games provide a great solution, allowing you to take online Bingo and others on the go while enjoying the same features and winning potential that you would when playing from a desktop.

This format also offers plenty of other advantages, including faster draws, more flexible wagering limits, and regular exclusive online bonuses to give your bankroll an additional boost. It’s also compatible with a wide range of devices running Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and more. All that’s left to do is to register at a top Canadian mobile casino, select an online Bingo variant that appeals to you, and get playing for your own chance to strike it lucky!