Betting on mobile slots is the same as betting on online casino slots; the major difference is that on mobile slots you use a touchscreen and control the game with your fingertips, and with their online counterparts you use a mouse and a cursor. Other than that, the experiences should be equally entertaining and immersive.

Mobile slots are specially created or adapted from the best slots online, to fit the screen size and other capacities of the handheld devices. You can win the same payouts as in casino online slots too, and the betting process is the same.

Decide Which Kind of Slot to Play

Are you in the mood for a chance at a life-changing progressive jackpot win on mobile titles that pay out as much as big win online slots? Do you feel like slowing the pace down a little more and waiting for the bigger, less frequent payouts of classic slots? Are you in the mood for the detail and special features of video slots? All casino online slots are worthwhile on your smartphone and tablet, it just depends what you’re in the mood for.

If You Feel Like Video Slots, What Kind of Pay Structure Do You Want?

Remember, video slots not only have more paylines than classic slots, they also often use the Ways to Win pay structure rather than traditional paylines. With conventional paylines, the symbols have to line up in set patterns across the rows of the slot game.

In Ways to Win there are several spots on every reel that, when filled with the required image, will pay something out. The more icons there are in the right places, the more money you get. Ways to Win games pay out most often, though the amounts are often quite small.

After you’ve decided what kind of slot you want to play and identified a few specific options, look at the games’ paytables. This shows you what you’ll get for each winning combination, and lets you decide if you feel the game is worth your while.

Set Your Bet Size and Paylines

Tap the controls at the bottom of the screen to set your bet size and, if you’re playing a video slot with conventional paylines, the number of paylines you want to activate per spin. In Ways to Win games this doesn’t apply and you’re spinning for all possible wins every time. Many video slots also have fixed paylines, meaning you don’t get to decide how many you want to enable and simply have to play with all of them on every spin. In these cases, the only control you have is over your bet size. If you want to bet the maximum but don’t want to go through all the smaller options to get there, just tap the “Max Bet” button.

Spin the Reels to Win!

Now you’re ready to spin and see if you can win some serious cash! Just tap the “Spin” button on the bottom of the screen and hold your breath to see how lucky you are. When it’s over, you have the option to do it again at the same settings or make changes, by tapping on the appropriate button.

Many of the best online slots players can access on their mobile devices also offer an optional Gamble Feature after each successful spin, where players can bet their winnings on predicting the colour of a randomly drawn card to double their money, or the suit to quadruple it. Since being wrong means you lose everything this adds another layer of thrill to the game, and is easily activated by tapping the option to accept the Gamble Feature when it’s offered after a spin. A lot of players find this hard to resist!