Spinning the reels of slot games is one of the best things about any casino, whether online or land-based. They are especially popular in Canada, and we have everything you need to know about playing them. Use our mobile slot guides to have top-class experiences, anywhere and anytime.

Pointers on Playing

We’ve got the goods on how the games work, what can be done to maximise your wins and how to enjoy yourself the most. A lot of what you read about these beloved games should not be believed, and can get you into serious trouble if you do. Use our trustworthy guidelines to keep you going in the right direction.

Part of this information includes explaining how different types of games work, including class, video and progressive jackpot titles. We detail the differences between them, the pros and cons of each option, and the basics of how to play slots on mobile devices no matter what category you are interested in.

We’ve also got articles on the history of these machines, how they used to work and the way they function today. An appreciation for where they come from and the software that keeps them working so well now will also make you enjoy your spins a little more.

Guides to Special Features

This is not the only difference between them, but one of the things that most distinguishes classic reel and video slots is that there are so many more special features in the latter than the former. These include Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Multipliers and more, as well as various Bonus Rounds and even different payline structures,

You need to know how all of these work, of course, and we go into all of them. You won’t find every special feature in every game, but many of the best software developers offer several popular extras in each of their titles.

Write-Ups on Different Software Providers

Speaking of different software, a lot of the biggest developers in the industry such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech their own style and signature special features, graphics or other game aspects. Individuals vary on which provider they enjoy the most, and our mobile slot guide software reviews will highlight the positives and negatives to help you decide which work best for your playing style.

Reviews of Different Games

Whether a title has just been rolled out or has been around for a while, you can read an honest appraisal of it here. Find out which sets of reels are really worth your time, with what we have to say are the best mobile slot guides in Canada.

In particular, video slots have a huge range of themes with immersive graphics and special features all linking back to the central idea. We look at how successfully they have done that and the kind of atmosphere that the game evokes, betting ranges, special features, number of paylines and the theoretical Return to Player percentage of as many games as possible.

Get Ready to Have Some Fun!

A lot of the games can be enjoyed for free as well as real money, which lets you try them out and find your favourites before putting down any actual money, and our reviews will help you decide which of them to check out too.

With immediate prizes and action, it’s no wonder that these are the favourite casino games in Canada and around the rest of the world too. Browse through our mobile slot guides on specific titles and ensure that you get the most from playing them.