What better way is there to become completely acquainted with brilliant slot games, loaded with winning opportunities, than to first try them for free? And that is the great thing about free slot games – they allow you to become familiar with their layouts, reel structures, casino bonus features and payline patterns. It all means that while you’re having fun, you’re also learning and educating yourself, thus you are empowered, and thus you can make better gaming decisions. In the end, it all adds up to your ability to win! If you fully understand a game, or a number of games, you can make an informed decision as to which one pays out more often.

And while it is a fact that all slot games churn out their outcomes in accordance with an RND (Random Number Generator), most if not all players know and believe that there simply are certain games who pay out more often than others. Go into any land based casino and see for yourself. You’ll immediately note that large sections of games are simply unattended, barring for a couple of players here and there, while there are others at which it is almost impossible to get a seat at. The same can be said about pubs or clubs that offer slot games. Players will clamour for one or two games while the others will gather dust.

Now there are a couple of things to note here. The first thing is that this very same occurrence of certain slot games being perceived to be better than others in terms of more consistent payouts is also a belief maintained between online and mobile casino players. However, you’ll never find yourself having to cue for your favourite slot game at an online or mobile casino, and that is truly one of the best things that these convenient and portable gambling hubs offer. What is also important to note here is that you cannot play free slot games at a physical casino, you’ll be frowned upon and most likely asked to leave. This will never be the case with online and mobile casinos. In fact, free slot game play is encouraged.

Free Slot Games to Play

In terms of gaming popularity, or player perceived hot games, in other words, games that players believe to be hot, MobileSlots.net recommends the following titles, which before having to make a deposit, can be enjoyed as free slot games:

These are just some of the titles of the games that our mobile casino operators have. What is interesting to note is the titles are a mix of the old and the new. Free slot games, it’s where it all starts.