Enjoy the best in portable gambling with Microgaming mobile casinos. When it comes to making that key decision in terms of what type of games you’d like to enjoy, very few competitors can compare with Micrpgaming. With a track record spanning two decades, this company has cemented its status as the best player in the online and mobile casino industry. At this point, they have made available quite a number of they’re games available as Microgaming mobile casino games – 33 downloadable ones, thus perfect for Android – and 45 HTML 5 games – perfect for iOS, or iPhones and iPads.

The Best Microgaming Mobile Casino Games

While the company is always expanding their range of casino games, there already exists a notable amount of titles that have developed major fan followings and continue to garner new players. These mobile casino titles have also spawned sequels as a result of their popularity. Microgaming has always stayed ahead of the curve through its unique innovations that it has incorporated particularly into its slots games titles. Things like Expanding Wilds, Rolling Reels, Running Wilds and the Ways-to-Win reel system are all part of the Microgaming mobile casino innovations that make their slot games so much more exciting. Thanks to some key licencing agreements, they’ve also been able to create big name entertainment titles such as TombRaider, Thunderstruck II and Hitman™.

Some of the most notable Microgaming mobile casino titles include:

Thunderstruck II: A much awaited sequel at the time of its original release date and enjoying a constant and ever growing fan base, this Microgaming mobile casino game brings the action of Asgard straight onto your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Enjoy 243 ways to win along with 4 exciting casino bonus rounds each controlled by a different Norse god.

Tomb Raider™: Often referred to as the original and best, this slots game was the very first intellectual property title to be released by Microgaming and it’s still as potent now as a mobile casino game. Let Lara Croft lead you to a 37 500 coins jackpot!