The importance of safety and security in the world of online and mobile gaming cannot be stressed enough. Who among us has not heard one or more stories about someone being scammed out of a heap of hard-earned cash, or even their online winnings? It used to be a common occurrence, but this is no longer the case. Many applications and payment systems now exist to make our lives easier, and more importantly, to safeguard our money and financial information. The best mobile casino deposit methods do all of this and more.

The only trick that remains now is to decide which system or application to use when performing money matters online. An effective online payment system has already pre-empted every possibility that those with ill intent are able to come up with, and has put the necessary safeguards in place to prevent these from happening. One such option is InstaDebit, an excellent solution for players, and one that is exclusively available to people living in Canada.

How To Transact

InstaDebit is a popular mobile casino deposit method and using this system to transfer funds to a gaming site of your choice is quick and easy. The only pre-requisite is that the user must be the verified holder of a bank account at any financial institution in Canada. During the secure sign-up process, the details of your Canadian bank account will be requested. The information will then be verified, and before you know it, Bob’s your uncle!

Focus On Security

It’s important to note that for security reasons, this isn’t an e-wallet, and is unlike other web wallet mobile casino deposit methods CA has to offer. Funds may not directly be transferred in and out of your bank account to and from your InstaDebit account. The payment provider must instead be selected as a merchant, such as a casino to whom a payment is then made.

It is a fully-fledged financial transaction management system and from your account you can safely view your transaction history, accept refunds and withdraw funds, change the personal information that is associated with your account and verify your Canadian bank account details. This makes it an ideal option for anyone looking for the best mobile casino deposit method as managing funds is safe, simple and quick.

Bank Account Verification

Whenever a payout is issued to you, the funds will be available for use in your InstaDebit account within 3-5 business days. You may then proceed to use the money to play at an Internet-based gaming site, purchase goods or services on the Internet, or to withdraw the money to your verified bank account.

Verifying your bank account could not be easier. As soon as you open a new InstaDebit account, and you have provided the details of your personal bank account, they will make a small deposit to your personal bank account. You must then find this amount on your bank statement and confirm what the value is.

By entering the correct amount that was deposited into your bank account, you will have successfully verified your account and linked it to your own personal bank account.

A Safe Option

Apart from its many benefits, the main benefit of this payment option is no doubt its state of the art anti-fraud system. They undertake to never share any of your personal or personal bank account details with any merchant, thereby ensuring the privacy as well as the security of your account and online transactions.

To assist with the safeguarding of financial transactions, they employ the services of two leading security certification firms, VeriSign and TRUSTe. These firms ensure that what everything that is intended to be private, stays private. The high priority that is placed on security and efficiency makes InstaDebit the best mobile casino deposit method for Canadian players on the move!