EcoPayz is an online financial transaction organisation that falls into the category of gaming e-wallets. They are currently managed by eMoney issuer PSI-Pay and regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Services Authority. Since as far back as the year 2000, this company has been seen as one of the best mobile casino payment mechanisms around.

Getting Your Account Up and Running

Even though an actual card is offered as part of its service, EcoPayz is an e-wallet first and foremost. Once you have registered for an account with the company, you will be able to use it to transfer money to online casinos and other merchants. You can even send cash to other people directly! All you have to do is load your account with money, and a number of different deposit options will do the job. You can also withdraw the funds in your account by a variety of means, and enjoy the safest mobile casino payment mechanism every time you do.

Creating an account is easy, and all you need to do is go the website and select the Join Us button. If your country is listed in the registration form, you will be able to become a member in just a few minutes. Once the sign-up process has been completed, you can start depositing, transferring, purchasing, and making withdrawals, and although you may need to verify your identity for some methods, for the most part the process of this mobile casino mechanism for payment is a totally painless one.

Loading Money

Generally, players use major credit and debit cards to add money to their EcoPayz accounts. Before you can use your card, however, you will need to get it verified with the company through the myEco interface. In keeping with the practices of the best mobile casino payment mechanisms, this organisation makes sure you are who you say you are before they allow any financial interactions to take place!

The verification process will start when you try to make your first-ever deposit, with the company making a micro-deposit into your credit card account. After that you’ll need to find it, enter the amount into the myEco site, and your card will then be available for future deposits.

Other deposit options include instant bank transfers and local bank transfers, both of which take a little longer than debit and credit card transactions do. An international wire transfer may also be possible, and, although this is a free service, it is likely that your bank and the one belonging to EcoPayz will add their fees and these will then be deducted from your deposit total. The fact that it is one of the safest mobile casino payment mechanisms around means more and more players are making use of it, and this is seeing charges attached to transactions remaining low.

Withdrawing Money

As a mobile casino mechanism, this company offers players great variety when it comes to withdrawing. The most popular option is having money available for withdrawal using your ECO Webcard, which gets activated the minute you’ve verified either your credit or identity card.

You will have a real MasterCard number provided you, and this can then be used to make purchases online straight from your EcoPayz account. There is also a branded Prepaid Debit MasterCard available, which you can have sent to your address. This will use funds directly from your account balance. You can also withdraw your money to a bank account with a wire transfer if you want to, but you will have to provide some bank info beforehand.

Are you ready to see why it is being hailed at the best mobile casino payment mechanism around? Find out when you sign up for your account and start using it now!