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NetEnt meticulously pays homage to the Alien franchise with its mobile video slots creation that is the immensely popular Aliens Mobile Slots Game. If you loved the 1986 sequel to the 1979 original that proved way back then already that a sequel could be equal to and in many ways better than the first, then you’re going to adore the Alien Mobile Slots game that recreates all the creepiness of the original film and wraps it into 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 paylines of sheer alien and terror-infused fun. So, if you’re looking to touch down on LB426 for the purposes of picking up any human survivors and while doing so, blasting those slime-ridden monsters away for big cash rewards, then there’s no reason to delay the matter any longer. Start playing Aliens Mobile Slots through one of our NetEnt powered casino operators and you’ll see that there’s more than just aliens waiting to hatch from those eggs.

This Mobile Slot Game Has Levels!

There’s a lot to be said for NetEnt mobile slots games and the game changers they’ve introduced into the world of slots games on the whole. With Aliens Mobile Slots they’ve raised the bar in every way. This game’s got a cool intro video which recreates scenes from the original movie while doing so with a splash of new paint so it all looks slick and modern. Then there’s the features that the game comes with including the interactive edge that NetEnt has bestowed it with by having players work their way through 3 levels of Alien-infused action that will have you feeling like your blasting those monsters away for real!

Aliens Mobile Slots is sure to deliver what can only be described as a tense gaming experience and this is purely due to the fact that NetEnt have been so honest in their treatment of the source material. All the action takes place in all-new 3D graphics whereby giving the game a look that is on one hand very real and on the other hand quite removed from reality as all fantasy games should be. As the player you’ve got to work your way through the three levels that this slots game consists of. In level 1, known as The Search, you’ll need to scan the infested area for Alien activity and collect Multipliers that will allow you to advance to the next level, Level 2.

In Level 2, known as The Encounter, you’ll need to fend off against Alien attacks and blast your way through to Level 3. All the Multipliers you collected in Level 1 will transfer over to Level 2 and help you make your way to Level 3, known as The Hive. In the Hive, you only have one objective, and that is to destroy the Queen and her hive before any of the Aliens get you. Why go through all this trouble you might ask? Because there is a possibility that you could win up to 570 000 coins!

Choose a NetEnt Casino

If you’re thrilled by the idea of playing Aliens Mobile Slots, then all you need to do is sign up with one of the NetEnt powered mobile casino operators that we have ratified. Once you’ve signed up, a process which does not take long at all, you’ll be able to enter the engrossing and scary world of Aliens Mobile Slots and slay those monsters for the game’s 570 000 coins jackpot. On top of it all, if the mobile casino you choose is one you have never visited before, then you’re more than welcome to take up the casino bonus they offer to all new players.

Immersive Alien Mobile Slots Action

The Aliens Slots App brings big screen, blockbuster movie action to your mobile and offers you the chance to win big on the go!

NetEnt has collaborated with 20th Century Fox to create a 5 reel, 15 payline mobile slots game based on the Alien movie franchise. Cinematic effects, superb 3D graphics and incredible entertainment can now be enjoyed on your smartphone or tablet.

The Aliens slots app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and kicks off with an intro that sets the scene for a memorable and immersive mobile slots experience.

Aliens slots app can be played at Mobile Slots recommended casinos for free or real money, and with a top payout of 570,000 coins, Wilds, re-spins, multipliers and 3 rewarding levels to progress through, winning big on the go is a very real possibility.

The dark and broody backdrop and suspense-building soundtrack perfectly complements these mobile slots and players will have to fight off aliens as they make their way to the Queen Hive as the reels spin.

The Aliens slots reels are emblazoned with alien eggs, extra-terrestrial monsters and the Weyland-Yutani Corp logo. This logo is the games Wild, standing in for all other symbols to create a winning combination.

Mobile Slots Features to Boost your Winnings

There are 3 levels to the Aliens slots game and each stage offers Mobile Slots players the chance to claim generous payouts and bonus rewards.

In Level 1-The Search the aim is to fill up the Alien Activity Meter by accruing 9 multipliers to progress to the next stage. In Level 2-The Encounter players can win from their first spin and you’ll be required to fight off hordes of aliens without running out of ammo in order to activate re-spins and progress to the next level. If your ammo runs out before you have killed off the alien infestation you are taken back to Level 1, but if you succeed, Level 3 is unlocked.

Level 3-The Hive will reward you with 5 re-spins and if you manage to demolish the Queen Hive with a single grenade you’ll be rewarded with a massive maximum payout win.

The Aliens Slots App is interactive, exciting and very lucrative when played for real money. With Mobile Slots you can indulge in this movie-themed game anytime, anywhere!

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