Get into the driver’s seat of this mobile casino game and speed off down the open road to massive winning opportunities in 5 Reel Drive Mobile Slots, a game that pays homage to two of the biggest American pastimes – fast food and fast cars. These pillars of American society are what the theme of this amusing game is all about. In designing this slots game, what is very clear is that Microgaming set about making a game that playfully pokes fun at American culture and its obsession with speed and food. The characters are pretty wacky too. There’s your classic redneck trucker, some old lady driving a pink Cadillac and a really weird taxi driver. Other images are made up of fries, sodas, donuts and hamburgers – everything consistent with a healthy diet!

Speedy Features

5 Reel Drive Mobile Slots comes with 5 reels and 9 paylines, but don’t let that force you to think this game cannot offer massive payout opportunities. It’s often said that dynamite comes in small packages or that less is more. Don’t believe us? Take a look at Thunderstruck 1, one of the most well-known mobile slots games around, known for its generous payouts.

5 Reel Drive will come to life on your mobile phone and that can be almost any current model of smartphone. Be it an iPhone, tablet or Android device, this game will speed across your screen to deliver its lucrative possibilities while sporting excellent graphics and sounds.

Wins in this game are made possible by all the symbols but it’s the Wild and Scatter symbols that you really want land. The Wild Winding Road sign will speed on to your screen to substitute the other symbols while creating bigger and better chances to win. Then there’s the Scatter Police Car, the only symbol that the wild will not replace, and one that will multiply your wins!

The 5 Reel Drive symbol itself, consisting of a flaming wheel and a checkered flag, is the most potent symbol this casino game has. Land 5 of these on active payline and the game’s yours as you would have hit the 10 000 coin jackpot.

Rev up your mobile phone with 5 Reel Drive Mobile Slots and enjoy its fun high octane gaming action with today!

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