Spinning the reels of one-armed bandits has been an essential part of the casino experience for years. As online gambling has gathered momentum, these games have become just as important in the digital arenas as they have always been on land.

As smartphone and tablet technology became more important, casino software developers put a lot of effort into making all their games more suitable for smartphones and tablets. While their range and quality used to be quite inferior, today it is just as impressive as what you find online.

Every kind of gambling entertainment has been specially adapted or created to work well with the screens and processing capabilities of today’s handheld devices, but mobile slots work particularly well. Not only were they some of the first online casino games to make it to handheld devices, they remain some of the best. Keep reading to find out why.

Immersive Graphics

You can play several wonderful classic reel games at mobile casinos, but video slot titles are where developers truly get to shine. No matter how life-like and striking the graphics and animations in table, Bingo, Video Poker or other games are, there is never the opportunity to create different worlds the way there are in these reel spinning games.

These video titles have always been where the imagination of casino software developers got to run free, and the impressive screen displays on the latest smartphones and tablets show this off really well. You’ll be able to enjoy engaging visuals no matter what games you’re playing, but only mobile slots will take full advantage of your device’s capabilities.

Interactive Gameplay

Video and classic reel slots, as well as Scratchcards, Video Poker and other games that are operated by players rather than dealers or the casino, come to life more than table games do when they are played on handheld devices. This is down to the sensitive touchscreens of the handsets.

Many people actually find that all games feel more authentic when using a touchscreen rather than the cursor and mouse, but for self-operated entertainments this is especially true. You get to press the button and start the reels spinning, after you have placed your bet and adjusted various settings yourself. It’s more engaging and more interactive, and feels a lot like the real thing!

Instant Action Suits Busy Players

Grabbing a few moments to polish your Blackjack skills on your smartphone or tablet can be really helpful, but the immediate wins and entertainment of spinning reels is generally better for the quick bouts of gambling that on-the-go players usually engage in. There are plenty of stories about people winning massive payouts while waiting in line at the grocery store or even sitting in a bar, and there’s no reason the next one to hit the news headlines couldn’t be about you!

Everything You Love About Playing Online, On the Go

Just as with online games, mobile releases come in a huge variety of themes, with great special features and payouts that are truly dazzling. You’ll find a video, classic or progressive jackpot game to suit your mood and level of skill with no problem, and they can also often be played for free as well as for real money just as the online versions can be.

Whatever you’re looking for, find the best mobile slots in Canada for your situation with us. The games showcased here work well with all handsets and operating systems, including iPhone, iPad, Windows phones, Android tablets and smartphones, and whatever else you want to use.

We’ll also keep you up to date about new game releases, and explain the different concepts that are important when it comes to maximising fun and rewards as you spin. Use us as your launchpad for your best mobile slot experience, and you’ll enjoy yourself every time you play.