Roulette earned the moniker “the game of kings” many years ago, and it remains intriguing and iconic. The simple design allows for many outcomes and makes for hours of fascinating online Roulette gameplay. The Little Wheel, as its name means in French, is still what most people think of when casino entertainment or gambling is mentioned.

The first games were seen in France, partly as a result of mathematician Blaise Pascale trying to create a “perpetual motion machine”. From there it spread to Europe, and was then taken by colonisers to the New World of America. This has led to 3 common variations; namely French, European and American and while each has its own distinctions and rules, but the basic premise is always the same.

Basics for Beginners

The objective of any land-based or online Roulette games in Canada is to predict where a ball, dropped onto a spinning wheel, will land when the wheel comes to rest. In live dealer and brick-and-mortar versions this is done using actual casino equipment; in other Internet-based games it is perfectly simulated using graphics and illustrations.

All wheels have 36 panels, numbered from 1 to 36, coloured alternately in red and black. The order of the numbers on the wheels is different for each variation, and they all also have a green segment numbered 0. American wheels have an extra green panel labelled 00, which makes their house edge much steeper.

You place your bets by putting chips down on the appropriate area of the table, and then hold your breath to see if you’ve won. Bets can be quite general, as seen on the table’s outer track and known as Outside Bets, or specific, as in the Inside Bets seen on the interior of the table.

Outside Bets include Odd/Even and Red/Black wagers, where you put money on whether the ball will land in an odd- or even-numbered panel or a red or black segment. Inside Bets are on particular ranges of numbers, and can get as specific as the exact number of the panel that the ball ultimately lands in.

Betting Pointers to Remember

For all beginners, the best idea is to start with the French or European versions, since their house edge is lower. The European option is simpler, with less possible wagers, but the French has the advantage of the La Partage Rule that pays back half of what you wager on an Outside Bet if you lose. Weigh it up and decide which of these advantages is more important to you.

Playing mobile Roulette games on your smartphone or tablet is great for many reasons, but one of the good things about it is that you get to practice whenever and wherever you have a spare moment. This will help you improve more quickly, and there are several strategies that you can try out and polish as you watch the wheel spin on your smartphone or tablet.

The mot common strategies for the Little Wheel are to do with the Outside Bets, which have only 2 possible outcomes, and a third if you count them, landing on a green panel, and thus have odds of nearly 50%. They all involve choosing a bet, placing a wager, decreasing the amount when you win and increasing it when you lose.

Betting this way can feel counterproductive, but if you do this you’ll see that you eventually get to recoup your losses and make a small profit if you have a losing streak and then win. The Fibonacci, Martingale and D’Alembert systems all follow this principle; try them and any other strategies out on the best mobile Roulette games in Canada, which you’ll find at the sites we review here