This discerning casino game is now available to be played on your mobile phone or tablet thanks to the technological breakthroughs in today’s smartphones and companies like Microgaming. European Blackjack Gold puts the game of blackjack straight onto your phone and with it all the bells and whistles that you’ve always enjoyed about the game. The great thing about European Blackjack Gold is that in turning it into a mobile casino game, no stone has been left unturned. Microgaming have once again outdone themselves and delivered a casino game that emulates the real thing down to a tee and have gone the extra mile by making the game available across all platforms.

Blackjack Gold Compatibility

European Blackjack Gold will serve up its spectacular winning possibilities on a number of mobile devices. Every effort has been made to ensure that this classic casino game will work on your phone, whether you’re an Android user, iOS user or whether you simply prefer browser based game play. Better yet, thanks to the exquisite graphics, cool animation and advanced speed, European Blackjack Gold is sure to pull both new and seasoned players into its exciting grasp. Plus, the game can be customized in its Expert Mode – something unique to Microgaming’s suite of Blackjack games.

Playing European Blackjack Gold

One of the most noteworthy aspects about European Blackjack Gold is that this version, unlike its American counterpart, does not incorporate the Hole Card rule. The Hole Card rule basically says that the dealer must check for blackjack before play may advance. This entails the dealer receiving 2 cards before the player. In the case of European Blackjack Gold, the dealer receives just one card once play commences and once the players have completed their hands, only then may the dealer complete his hand. The rest of the game operates on the same Blackjack rules that players are accustomed to – try and get 21!