Mobile Blackjack games offer action with a refreshing difference to that offered by other types of casino entertainment. They present the intense action and excitement of a true classic in a format that is easy to access and use while on the go.

Also known as 21, which also happened to be the name of one of the parent games from which it was developed, this number is the magic one, and being dealt or building a hand worth so many points results in a win.

In fact, when Miguel de Cervantes mentioned it in his 1602 work, Novelas Ejemplares, he called it Ventiuna, or 21. Apart from being rechristened and developing a new variation in the US, it has changed little since that time. The finest mobile Blackjack games in Canada offer the chance to find out what all the fuss is about.

Playing On Your Mobile

The prevalence of 21 in casinos around the world, and the fervour with which players from all walks of life relish it, gives it a formidable appearance. Surely something that intensely exciting, that thrilling, must be extremely complicated?

The truth is, mobile Blackjack games are among the easiest to learn and play online. The real trick to mastering it is not just practising playing – the trick is learning and practising various strategies. It combines elements of chance as well as elements of strategic play, which means players can stand a real chance of coming out tops.

How to Play

The basic variation at the heart of the mobile Blackjack games in Canada basically determines the way it plays out. The biggest difference between the 2 is that, in the American variation, the dealer has a chance of beating the player before the player has made the first move. In the European one, the dealer does not get a second card until the player has made a first move.

The goal of every version is to play a hand worth 21 points. However, if the player manages to get close to the number without exceeding it, and their score is greater than the dealer’s score, they can still win.

2 cards are dealt face-up to the player once they have placed their opening bet. The dealer will receive the number of cards as stipulated by the rules; if only 1 card, it will be face-up, if 2 cards, 1 will be facedown.

The player must then determine what to do with their hand. If it’s not a natural Black jack, but the player thinks the score still has a chance of beating the dealer’s, the player can stand. If the score can be improved without risking busting, the player can hit and take another card.

If the hand is not worth 21, but the score is high enough to make the player confident they can win, they can double down by doubling their bet and playing the hand. There is also the option of splitting a hand of certain like cards into the bases for 2 new hands. Once the move has been made, the dealer’s full hand will be revealed and compared with the player’s hand, so the winner can be determined.

Why Play 21 On the Go?

As quickly as it takes to learn how to play the best mobile Blackjack games, they offer a good deal of fun. You are put on an almost even footing with the house, and ensuring you stand a good chance of victory no matter what hand you are dealt is easier than you think. Find the finest entertainment with our reviews and see if you can beat the dealer to 21 while on the move.