With the rise of online and mobile gaming, land-based casinos have had to adapt to a wider market while still catering for dedicated enthusiasts. As convenient and accessible as online sites are, there is something about brick and mortar establishments that produce in players a sense of excitement and potential. It may be the glittering lights, the buzz of the crowd or the availability of alternate entertainment, but the best land-based casinos in Canada offer an experience that surpasses mere gaming.

In days gone by, brick and mortar venues were the only option if you wanted to play slots or try your hand at Blackjack. Today, that service is offered digitally, which means many people don’t actually get to visit land-based establishment anymore. This has meant that brick and mortar venues have had to adapt and offer a wider range entertainment options and other sources of income to survive. So, what exactly can you find when you play at a popular land-based casino in Canada?

Great Games

While gaming is now just an additional feature of a major resort, the casinos themselves are impressive to say the least. Some of the biggest offer over 3000 different slot machines and over 110 tables all in one place. This includes all the most popular games like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Sic Bo, Craps, Red Dog, Baccarat and more. Slots enthusiasts can also choose from any number of different games with varying payouts and betting options. Some also host world-level Poker tournaments with dedicated 24 hour Poker rooms.

Sports Betting

It is becoming more popular these days that online sites offer sports betting products. This concept originated in brick and mortar establishments, as popular land-based casino resorts offer a dedicated sports betting area with large HD screens, in-table betting terminals and a fully stocked bar and restaurant all at your nearest convenience. If you are tired of playing the slots, you can waltz on over to the sports area, place a wager on the hockey game and grab a drink at the same time.

Culinary Delights

While it may not be the first thing you think about when you consider gaming, restaurants play an important role at a resort. In fact, some of the best restaurants in the country can be found in major Canadian resorts. Many people come just for the food and play a little slots on the side if the mood suits them. Just about all the best establishments offer fantastic food options with everything from burger joins to fine dining.


As part of their effort to expand their customer base and bring in more people, many Canadian resorts have created entire recreational areas. This includes arcades for the children, sports or music events, theatres, cinemas, theme parks, outdoor recreation centres, fitness areas and more. The idea is to make the resort a destination and not just a place to gamble.

Hotels and Shopping Malls

If you can think of the best land-based casino in Canada, chances are it has a luxury hotel attached. In fact, some of the larger resorts have up to 8 hotels built in and around the gaming areas. The hotels can accommodate thousands of people with everything from 3 star to 5 star accommodation options. The hotels themselves often have a full entertainment area, a spa and shopping facilities on site. Most resorts also have dedicated shopping areas with hundreds of shops or a built-in mall where people can shop to their hearts delight.

Amazing Views

Again, this is not something you will automatically think of when looking at a popular land-based casino. The truth is that many of the best venues in Canada have outstanding views over natural wonders or the surrounding city. A good example of this is Niagara Fallsview, which has a sweeping view over Horseshoe Falls.

Canada’s Best Places to Play

Now you know what to expect at the best land-based casinos in Canada you can consider paying a visit to any one of these fine establishments: