We love mobile gaming in all its shapes and sizes, from Baccarat and Poker at the tables, through bingo and on to the many slots that are on offer. We don't take it too seriously, as although we have the odd trick up our sleeves, we know that ultimately the house always wins. There's a reason for that saying, and although we know of some big wins, and some players who regularly stay ahead, as a rule the main attraction for most people is the fun that you can have at mobile casinos.

The slots are one of our favourites, because like Baccarat, while there is a bit of strategy involved, it is more in the field of 'pure gaming chance' which is probably why many of the fruits have been designed to be entertaining as let's be honest, it's not like poker, once you've spun the wheel that's it, so you might as well at least have a bit of a visual show.

Putting the website together was not easy, as there is a lot to consider. We sat down and brainstormed what we thought we'd want to get from a website as a gamer. Some similar websites out there don't really offer much in the way of info other than bonuses, and we decided that if we were going to put a site together, we might as well do it properly and offer a bit more.

What we do have on offer, particularly our articles, took a while to put together as we had to be quite disciplined about the writing conventions of the internet, as well as formatting and ease of access issues. We do hope that this site does achieve what we set out to do, and if you have any comments on whether or not we have achieved our goal we'd like to hear from you. And finally, good luck at those reels and tables.

Mobile Slots Team 2011